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Third Grade Recorder Unit!

photo 3-001

Third graders at West have been working hard learning to play the recorder.  Students work especially hard because they know they can earn their Recorder Karate belts for each song they can play with correct technique and no mistakes!  After we review the songs we are working on, students get to practice on their own, and may move about the room to do so.   They may work with a partner or on their own.

photo 1-002        photo 5-002

When a student is ready to try for their next Recorder Karate belt, they must return to their desk and “put out their flag” (let their recorder case dangle a bit over their desk) to signal that they are ready.  They also must keep practicing!  If they have been working hard and their flag is out, they will soon find a ticket on their desk!  The ticket looks like this:

Recorder Line ticket

There are only six tickets, so there are never more than six students in the try-out line.  If a student can play their song correctly with no mistakes, they get their next belt!  The belts are made of embroidery thread.

photo 2-001

When a student is done playing and has either earned his or her belt, or has been sent back to practice a bit more, that student brings their ticket to whichever student Ms. Friedmann sees is ready to try next.