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The Sounds of Santa’s Workshop

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Students in first and second grade are using lots of fun and cool instruments to mimic the sounds of tools used by elves in Santa’s workshop!  We are using wood blocks, hand drums, tambourines, jingle bells, cowbells, triangles, and guiros.  As I use a pointer to “press the buttons” on the paper, we practice counting 1, 2, 3, 4 with a steady beat, while clapping on the beat.  Then, I tell everyone to ONLY clap on a certain number, or numbers, as I “press the buttons” once again.  Then we transfer this skill to instruments, and from there I assign a different pattern to each instrument.  The result is very neat!  We play in the instrumental section of our song “The Sounds of Santa’s Workshop” from Music K8 Volume 24 no. 2.