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More Rondo Form with “Viennese Musical Clock” by Zoltán Kodály

First and second graders have been reinforcing the term “Rondo Form” with another scarf activity and the song Viennese Musical Clock by Hungarian composer Zoltán Kodály.

First, we reviewed the term “rondo form” by singing the song “There is a form that we all know and Rondo is it’s name-o!” (to the tune of Bingo of course) and discussing what it means for a song to be “in rondo form.”  Then we listened to Viennese Musical Clock and charted it out:

photo (8)-001

Next, I demonstrated the movements for each section: Wave your Flag for the A section, Ring of Fire for the B section, Bug in a Rug for the C section, Crystal Ball for the D section, and Throw in the Air for the coda.  We love this activity!

Wave your Flag

photo 2-002


Ring of Fire (make a big circle in front of yourself)

photo 1-001


Bug in a Rug

photo 4 photo 3


Crystal Ball

photo 1 (2)-002 photo 5-002


photo 3 (2)-002

And afterwards, the “scarf folding music.”  As soon as the students hear the special scarf folding music, they know what to do

photo 5 (2)-001 photo 4 (2)


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