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All-School Dance Unit

This week, Ms. Friedmann’s music classes and Mr. Powers’ gym classes have been teaming up in the gym for a dance unit!  Some of the dances we have been learning include La Raspa (Mexican Hat Dance) from Mexico, Jibidi Ibida from France, Troika from Russia, Seven Jumps from Denmark, the Hokey Pokey, the Cha Cha Slide, the Cupid Shuffle, the Bunny Hop, the Alley Cat, the Twist, and the Chicken Dance.

dancing 13

dancing 9

dancing 10

5th grade students dance the Troika


3rd grade students dance La Raspa, or The Mexican Hat Dance

chicken dance

2nd grade students dancing The Chicken Dance!

mirroring 2 mirroring mirroring 3

1st grade students doing a mirroring exercise.


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